In preparation for the HOA meeting on June 25, 2018, please review the HOA questions and answers below.  Submit any additional questions by using the form at the bottom of the page.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

1. Why don’t we have annual HOA meetings and get to vote on HOA items?

New development HOA’s are developer controlled until such time a certain percentage of lots have been sold.  According to the By-Laws, the requirement at Foxland is that upon 80% of the lots being no longer developer controlled, the developer will turn the HOA over to the homeowners. 


2. When will the developer turn the HOA over to the Homeowners?

Foxland Harbor is rapidly growing but at this time the 80% has not been met.  Further discussion of the turnover of the HOA to the Homeowners will be at the meeting on June 25th.


3. Why don’t we have an HOA Board?

A Board is not required at this time.  There is an Architectural Review Board (ARB) currently in place consisting of 3 Homeowners and the Developer.  An additional 2 members will be added to the ARB in July. The Developer is in the process of setting up an Advisory Board which would act in the role of an official Board.  This Board will be the beginning of the transition and will be discussed at the HOA meeting on June 25th.


4. Who is managing the HOA?

Halo Properties, LLC is the management company for the HOA and Ralph Jones is the management company representative. 


5. Is the Club part of the HOA?

The Club is an entirely separate business and entity from the HOA.  The Club is supported by its Membership and other operational revenue sources.  It is a business that is located inside the Foxland Harbor neighborhood but operates independently of the neighborhood. 

6. Why does the Club allow members to join who don’t live here?

Typically, only a percentage of a neighborhood has enough regular golfers who want to maintain a golf membership in the club.  While Social Members contribute to the overall success of the Club, the Club business could not be sustained by just the Foxland Homeowners alone.  Therefore, the Club will continue to allow non-resident Memberships.


7. Why, as a resident of Foxland, am I required to join the Club?

The Nineteenth Amendment to the Declaration added the requirement of a Foxland resident to hold at least a Social level membership in the Club.  Owners who already owned property in Foxland, prior to the amendment, were grandfathered in and are not required to join.  However, upon the sale of their residence, the new owner would be.  While the Club is a business of its own, the viability and long-term sustainability of the club greatly affects the property values of Foxland.  Once the HOA has been turned over to the Homeowners, the Homeowners can decide by vote if they want to keep this requirement or eliminate it. 


8. Can a playground be built somewhere in Foxland?

There were no provisions for a playground on the Master Plan of Foxland.  The only areas where a playground could possibly be built would be in an existing common area.  These common areas are located by existing homes with no provision for anything to be constructed on them.  Once the HOA has been turned over to the Homeowners, the HOA can vote for approval, obtain approval from the surrounding homeowners where it would be located, fund, build and maintain the playground if so desired.

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